We offer a prescription service by mail starting at $35 on polycarbonate with anti-reflective coating for distance lenses.
We also offer 1.67 high index polycarbonate with anti-reflective coating starting at $75.
For non-prescription needs we offer a polycarbonate polarized lens for $55.

These services require a two week turnaround.

We are proud to offer a prescription referral service at a fraction of the cost of eyewear boutiques.  All of our eyewear can have prescription lenses installed by an optician.  Some opticians will only fill prescriptions for frames purchased at their store.  Their frames are comparable to ours, but at 2 to 3 times the cost.  Research shows that our prescription services are being offered at the lowest price possible.  We consider it a customer service, not a product for profit.  Customer service is why we offer both by-mail and walk-in prescriptions in a unique social setting.


For travelers from the European community, the UK, and Australia that are overpaying for prescription lenses, we offer a walk-in service for distance lenses and can fill your prescription in about an hour.


Our referrals are capable of handling your special optical needs, such as non-prescription, sunglasses, high index, astigmatism, bifocal and progressive lenses.  We welcome your inquiries.


We fully refund unused and unmodified frames returned within two weeks.

We have an open policy regarding returns/exchanges. Some of our most ardent customers bought eyewear, tried it on at home then exchanged it for another. We can not replicate the goodwill these customers expressed after describing their experience to others. We invite you and your friends to take photos of yourselves trying on different styles and colors.  Post these photos on your favorite social media site, or email to friends and family for feedback. Using email and Paypal, we have filled orders for those who are traveling or made their decision after leaving our market.