Our showroom gallery is open by appointment only.  The warehouse is active every day and most nights, making hours flexible so we can accommodate your schedule. Please email us for an appointment.

For a more relaxed and private viewing ofour Eyewear visit our showroom.

71 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn New York, 11206. Located near the G train Broadway Stop, L train Montrose Avenue stop, M & G Train Lorimer stop.

We offer retro as well as vintage eyewear, boast a diverse selection of sunglasses and goggles, and proudly showcase a radical collection of steampunk industrial eyewear.  Housed in a turn-of-the-century former smoked fish factory, we appreciate being part of Brooklyn's current allure while maintaining continuity with its past.

Much of our vintage industrial eyewear has been repeatedly repaired by previous owners.  Seeing it begs the question, Why is that environmental sensibility missing from today's culture of disposable goods?

Come and see industrial eyeglasses from as far away as Budapest and the coal mines of England, and  sniper's spectacles from the 1860's. Retro Optics is a proletariat social space and unlike bourgeois galleries, some artifacts are not for sale at any price.  See the intrinsic beauty of homemade industrial safety glasses, beguiling in spite of crude materials and strained craftsmanship.  See leather horse goggles from the 1930's.  View history from a very personal perspective.